Top Iranian cleric warns of uprising in 2019

A senior member of the Iranian Regime has warned of an uprising in 2019 and called on ordinary Iranians to resist the “sedition” that could “topple the Regime”.

The Friday prayer imam of Mashhad, Ahmad Alamalhoda, said: “All of us must be ready to confront and neutralize the 2019 sedition. It has been some time that our enemies have been thinking if economic pressures increase and living conditions deteriorate, the people will practically shape a movement to topple the [regime]. The enemies are focusing their efforts through the media and cultural platforms to push the disappointed people into an uprising.”

This is a strange request because Iranian people from all sectors are leading the current uprising that began in December 2017, but it is an admission that the Regime is failing to deal with the problems faced by the people and that the mullahs are scared that this will lead to their downfall.

This is significant because Friday prayer imams are considered representatives of the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, so their words are, in effect, his words.

Alamalhoda, who is also a close ally of Khamenei, voiced similar concerns on January 4, showing that fear over the people’s uprising has definitely reached the upper echelons of the Iranian Regime.

He said: “If the enemy intends to infiltrate, they will infiltrate into our economic institutions. And worst of all, they will infiltrate into our society and even in our own [loyal forces], such as our [Revolutionary Guards, the Basij]. These individuals should be very careful about the enemy infiltrating into your own ranks, too. The enemy is not only focusing on the management and those running our circles. The enemy is infiltrating everywhere. They may even infiltrate into my own circle, all in the name of defending the needy, defending people’s living conditions, defending the poor, and then attack us from within.”

Then, on January 19, Alamalhoda criticised Europe regarding the nuclear deal, claiming that Europe was basically holding Iran’s hands behind its back, while the US hits it.
He said: “Europe is like a fox that has deceived us so that the US could impose all the pressures on us while being certain we would not exit the nuclear deal and would not seek to further develop our nuclear technology.”

This is yet another example of something that is clearly worrying the Supreme Leader’s inner circle and shows why the West should increase pressure on the Regime to help the Iranian people.

Source » ncr-iran

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