Mehdi Imanipour

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Mehdi Imanpour, the head of the cultural attaches in the Iranian embassy in Berlin represents ICRO and directs regime activities in Germany;

Iranian regime runs a large number of Islamic centers and Mosques in Europe that disseminate its fundamentalist ideology and generate grassroots support for its radical foreign policy. These centers provide Iran with a recruiting pool for the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force or other Iranian Institutions responsible for terrorism or military activities abroad. Iranian regime created a new umbrella organization in the Iranian ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance called: “Islamic Culture and Relations Organization” (ICRO) to coordinate the activities of various organizations responsible for religious and cultural activities abroad;

Involved In:
Spreading Iranian Propaganda


Reason for the color:
» Iranian regime’s network of Islamic Centers, seminaries and Mosques in Europe;

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