Administrators of a hospital in Kerman took hostage the body of a patient after his death as patient’s family were too poor to pay the hospital bill.

“Someone refers to a hospital in Kerman (Southern Province) and unfortunately dies in the hospital. The hospital officials, however, ask for 20 million tomans to be paid by his family so that the patient’s body could be delivered. But the patient’s body remains in the hospital for one week as patient’s family could not pay the requested money”, said Ahmad Hamzeh, an Iranian regime’s MP from Kahnooj.

Also at the beginning of the year, a hospital in Kermanshah took hostage the dead body of a 13-year-old girl, asking for 87 million tomans from her family. The girl’s dead body was delivered to her family a few days later only after they provided checks and promissory notes and the fingerprints of four family members were taken.

Source: / ncr-iran /