Iran’s state-run news agency Tasnim quoted an education authority as saying “that 30 percent of Iranian students will not be at least literate.

“He said that one third of Iran’s students do not meet the expected results from a student at his/her base. Of course, this is not a strange thing. For example, in the mathematical lesson, they should know the elementary arithmetic, but they do not even that too.”

Promoting death and superstition between students

Tasnim added that the results obtained by Iranian students in an international math contest tests are very weak. The poor results of Iran among participating countries of the Middle East region are because of the false policies in the educational system of the country.

If we want to understand the origin and nature of this false policy, it is best to pay attention to the message of the Minister of Education to March 12, 2021, the day of commemoration of the martyrs. He wrote: “The Ministry of education (MEDU) is to institutionalize the ‘culture of martyrdom’ in the children of our dear Iran.”

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that one-third of the students of Iran are illiterate. The goal and strategy of Iran’s Ministry of education is not teaching science and the cultivation of human talent in the students. But instead, its strategy which is aligned with the regime’s main strategy, is spreading fundamentalism in the world, to brainwash the Iranian students, pinning its so-called ‘martyrdom’ in the brains of Iran’s students, as it did it with the many other nationalities and use them in its proxy wars in the Middle East.

In Iran under the mullahs’ rule, such ‘martyrdom’ is nothing else than a culture of death worshipping and falling in the black hole of individual sins.

The Minister of Education Mohsen Haji then emphasized that the Ministry of Education “in the direction of his intrinsic mission” is diligently to “culture martyrdom” more than ever in the institutions of the children of Iran, this “peaceful land of oppressed” and institutionalize it.

One third of the students

While this so-called Minister of Education sees his final goal in the spread of ‘martyrdom’, Massoud Kabiri, a faculty member of the Education Research Institute, said: “In the past, they said that a student would at least know the literacy of writing, but now some of the students are even not at this level, and do not reach it.”

He added: “So much that Iran is in this area has trouble, we are not seeing such a situation in other countries. That is, if we consider a country that is weaker in terms of scores than Iran, its situation in this indicator may be better than Iran’s student’s abilities. This is very regrettable.”

It should be remembered that during the Iran-Iraq war, more than 500,000 students were sent to the frontlines. And at least 33,000 students were killed in the war.

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