Iran Regime is lying about female equality in Iran

In February, the Iranian Regime started bragging about a supposed increase in female literacy and increased numbers of women pursuing higher education, heralding it as one of the mullah’s most significant accomplishments over the past 40 years.

But, as always with the mullahs, it’s important to look below the surface. The Regime wants you to believe that Iran is a great place for women, but they are obscuring the awful repression of women under the mullahs.

In Iran, women are systemically deprived of their rights from birth, whether it’s being:

– deprived of an education

– legally married off from the age of nine

– prevented from entering male-dominated classes/workspaces

– forced to wear the hijab to protect their “modesty”

– prevented from accessing the workforce

– not allowed to travel without the consent of their closest male relative

– needing their husband’s permission to work

– forced to remain married to an abusive man

The mullahs could do something to stop this, but they refuse. Indeed, they were recently given the opportunity to raise the marriageable age for girls to 15, but they refused, and they’ve even implied that reporting sexual assault is a crime because it raises “public anxiety”.

The ever-increasing levels of poverty and deprivation in Iran, caused because of decades of corruption and mismanagement by the Iranian Regime, is only making the situation worse for women. Some are being forced out of their jobs to preserve employment opportunities for men, some are being forced into prostitution to survive, and some are being married off as children to provide their families with money and reduce the number of people that they need to care for, in essence, fathers selling their daughters’ virginities.

Women cannot even expect justice under the law, because they are subjected to intense scrutiny for reporting crimes like rape or domestic abuse, with the burden of proof falling squarely of the woman’s shoulders. Women also face assault, including acid attacks, from the “morality” police for failing to comply with the forced hijab.

All of this oppression leads many women to self-harm or even take their own lives. When do we say that enough is enough and advocate for the rights of the Iranian women to overthrow the Regime? Iranian women are being systematically discriminated against and will continue to be so for as long as the mullahs remain in charge. Therefore, the Regime should be removed from power.

Source » ncr-iran

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