Death row political prisoner, Amir Hossein Moradi, was transferred from the Greater Tehran Penitentiary to Tehran’s Razi Hospital on Saturday morning, March 14, due to deterioration of his health conditions but was returned to prison without receiving any treatment.

Mr. Moradi had nervous attacks due to his illness. After several hours of being neglected by prison authorities, he was eventually taken to the dispensary upon protests of his inmates.

Amir Hossein Moradi is suffering from an illness called Paralis. Having experienced additional stress in recent days, he had difficulty in speaking and in walking, and he had rash all over his body.

Mr. Moradi’s interrogator told him that he would be executed in coming days. Additionally, the fake news of testing positive for the coronavirus put him under additional psychological pressure and aggravated his illness.

An informed source said, “Last week, while Amir Hossein was in hospital, the Intelligence Ministry interrogator went to his room and told him that he was going to be executed next week and it was not economical for the prison to spend money on his treatment. The threat brought additional stress on him and the symptoms of the illness surfaced. Last night, after vehement protests by his inmates, Amir Hossein was taken to the dispensary and stayed there until 3 a.m. Then, in the morning, he was sent to Razi Hospital.”

A source close to Mr. Moradi asserted that despite sending him to hospital, prison agents prevented his treatment and returned him to prison without being medically examined under the excuse of having not received any legal orders.

Amir Hossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi, Mohammad Rajabi, Milad Arsanjani, Jamil Ghahramani, and 14 other protesters arrested in November 2019, were transferred from the restricted ward 4 to ward 5 where they had to mix with ordinary criminals.

Source » iran-hrm