Saudi Arabia affirmed Tuesday the importance of extending the arms embargo on Iran, as it continues to provide the Al Houthi terrorist militia with advanced weapons and drones that are used to terrorize Yemenis, and to target civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom in a deliberate and systematic manner.

This came during its Cabinet meeting held virtually under chairmanship of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The Cabinet expressed Saudi Arabia’s support to international efforts aimed at ensuring that the Iranian regime does not develop a system of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and to make the Arab Gulf region free of all weapons of mass destruction, respect for the independence and sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.

The Cabinet renewed Saudi Arabia’s support for the efforts of the UN envoy in Yemen to reach a comprehensive ceasefire and start a comprehensive political process according to the Gulf Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue, and Security Council Resolution 2216.

It also reaffirmed the importance of continuing support for efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria, and finding a political path that boosts security of its people and protects them from terrorist organisations and sectarian militias, which impede reaching a real solution.

The Cabinet congratulated Libya’s government and people on the occasion of granting confidence to the government of national unity, expressing its support for efforts leading to a political solution to the crisis.

It further expressed “aspiration for this step to achieve security, stability and development in Libya, to preserve its unity and sovereignty, and to prevent external interference that compromises Arab regional security.”

Source » gulfnews