Iranian hackers are becoming more dangerous

Iranian regime’s hackers are becoming more and more dangerous and are able to conduct spying operations in many countries. There are a number of Iranian criminals that are wanted by the United States and they have the ability to potentially create a lot of chaos.

One group in particular has been especially prominent – Chafer. In the past five years it has launched cyber attacks on the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The group has been able to cause disruption to their telecommunication networks and systems.

The cyber-attack on Saudi Arabia was hugely disruptive and a large number of computers were shut down. However, the malicious intent goes further than this – it had planed and attempted to create an explosion in an oil field. Luckily it was not successful in this move otherwise it would almost certainly have sparked a war in the region.

Security and cyber-research company Symantec has said that Chafer is an extremely aggressive hacking group that has high and dangerous ambitions. Symantec have said that the group carried out several “ambitious new attacks” in 2017. The security expert also said that Chafer attempted to cause disruption to major telecoms services provider and a prominent international travel reservations firm.

Symantec also confirmed that Chafer is able to spy and alter the systems of target computers. It has noticed that Chafer’s abilities and techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated and are evolving at a rapid pace. It also said that Chafer is “audacious in its choice of targets”.

Saudi Arabia, the United States and South Korea have been attacked by another cyber-attack group that has been named Advanced Persistent Threat APT-33 by those that are researching, finding and evaluating threats – both in governments and the private sector. It is another Iranian group that presents a serious threat to companies and organisations across the world.

A decade ago, Iran was barely present in the international hacking scene. Now it is one of the biggest threats. It does not just want to destroy computers and systems – it wants to take control of computers and systems. Iranian hackers are trying to create the most chaos possible.

Iran has not just targeted its international rivals in the West and the United States, but it is also going for its regional neighbours.

The Iranian regime’s hackers are being as confrontational and the Iranian regime and government because it is attacking all those that come up against it. Get on the wrong side of Iran and you will be a target.

Regional rival Saudi Arabia is an Iranian regime’s target on all levels and Iran is trying to assert itself as the stronger one. The two states are at opposite sides of most regional conflicts and both have been outspoken about the other. Iranian regime had supplied Houthi rebels with a ballistic missile that was fired from Yemen into Saudi Arabia.

Iran’s cyber-attack hit-list is growing and it must be stopped before something disastrous happens.

Source » ncr-iran

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