UK Government grands amnesty on potentional concern Iranian entities involved in terrorist and destabilization activites

It looks like UK pardon iranian potentional concer entities, by removing all listed (by the British government) entities, contributing in destabilization and terrorist activites

What is the point of this? How is it possible Iran to be unwanted and illicit market till yesterday, and OK from today? What changed?

Is the UK government guaranteeing that these companies aren’t “evil” and are safe for doing business with UK companies? Or is it just spin, so that UK companies start/ continue collaboration with Iranian companies, and make money in the beginning, just to lose money in different multi million-dollar lawsuits, at the end?

If they still respect U.S. sanctions, how is it possible designated companies not to be companies of “potential concern”? With this, UK companies could collaborate with U.S. designated companies, and suffer mass losses!

ifmat - UK removed Iran list1

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