The water was cut off three days ago in Khoreyn Prison in Varamin, west of Tehran. This has led to hygienic problems for prisoners due to a lack of bathing.
The inmates have to buy mineral water from the prison store at extremely high prices and even using this expensive water for hygiene necessities.
According to an informed source, “Prisoners cannot take a simple shower or even wash their dishes. Those who cannot afford water are thirsty.”
Despite prisoners’ protests to this situation, prison authorities have failed to respond on the water issue.
This is not the first time the prison has faced water issues. Last year there were reports that prisoners had to buy bottled water, each box costing close to 2 USD which is about twice as much as prices outside of prison.
Even if the prison has water, it relies on contaminated water wells, causing health problems for inmates. As a result, food servings are filled with sand and pebbles.

Source » iran-hrm