The Armenian government proposes to extend the “restrictions” on the import of cement from Iran and several other countries due to an unprecedented collapse in prices on the cement and clinker market, Armenian Deputy Minister of Economy Avag Avanesyan said on Tuesday at the parliament.

The deputy minister explained that it was a matter of introducing restrictions on the import of cement from Iran. The Armenian government established a duty on the import of cement from Iran and several other countries, which amounts to AMD 14 thousand per ton. This restriction should have been lifted already in April, but now the government proposes to extend it until December 31 of the current year, but with the possibility of re-discussion and shortening the indicated period.

Avanesyan noted that over the past two years, the Iranian rial has seriously depreciated, and the economic model of this country has undergone significant changes, which led to a drop in the cost of energy carriers such as natural gas and electricity.

“Since the Iranians, due to sanctions, cannot ensure the export of these energy carriers, they have to compensate for this by exporting goods of their own production, which do not fall under any restrictions. Cement is also included in the list of these goods,” he said.

By the way, there are only two cement plants in Armenia.

Source » newsau