Iranian-backed militias operating in Syria have been beefing up their footprint in the country’s Idlib and Aleppo provinces amid a fragile ceasefire, a war monitor reported Tuesday.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, pro-Iranian groups – including a local Hezbollah proxy – used the lull in the fighting to send in reinforcements, both Syrian and foreign fighters, into the area.

The militias also deployed heavy weaponry in bolstering their positions in the restive governorates.

Turkey has also been sending in reinforcements, the war monitor claims, with the latest Turkish military column, reportedly entering the Russia-Turkey de-escalation area in Idlib Monday.

The convoy reportedly included vehicles carrying logistical equipment as well as armored vehicles.

While forces in the area are propping up their positions, the ceasefire negotiated by Turkish and Russian presidents that came into force on March 6 has largely held despite occasional shellings and skirmishes between the Turkey-backed forces and pro-Damascus fighters.

Moscow and Ankara have also failed to implement joint patrols in the de-escalation area, with the first patrol cut short by protesters demonstrating against Russian presence on Syrian soil.

Source » i24news