Medical Centers in Iran Decline Patients

Medical centers across Iran are refusing to accept patients due to the enormous debt owed by insurance companies to the Social Security Organization, according to the Chair of Iran’s parliament Social Commission.

Salman Khodadadi implicitly accused the Health Ministry and its affiliated medical centers of showing distraint in their pursuit of delayed demands from insurance companies.

There is nothing the parliament can do as this body cannot resolve the issue of huge debts owed by insurance companies to medical centers, Khodadadi added.

He called on Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani to pay the government’s debts to the Social Security Organization, valued at over $34 billion dollars, to lessen the financial disputes between insurance companies and hospitals.

This regime’s MP has implicitly accepted that one of the reasons behind the intensifying financial crises for insurance companies is the regime’s so-called “Health Plan” that was carried out through using financial resources belonging to the Social Security Organization, without financial sources being clear.

Last month workers of various provinces across the country rallied outside the regime’s parliament protesting the merger of the Social Security medical care fund.

The protesting workers believe, this plan deprives the country’s poor of any health care, more than ever before, and the result is nothing but the entire medical care fund going completely dry.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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