An Iranian missile was fired at an Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea, hitting and damaging it, N12 reported Thursday.

The container ship is owned by an Israeli businessman and was making its way to Tanzania from India, N12 reported.

As the ship sailed between Indian and Oman, it was hit by a missile that damaged it, according to N12.

The incident was reported to Israeli security officials and to the company’s owners. The ship will continue on its path to India, where the damage will be assessed.

Israeli security officials are examining the possible implications of the incident and estimate that it could mean Iran intends to attack more Israeli ships, according to N12.

According to the report the ship is owned by XT Management, based in the port city of Haifa.

Iran was also the main suspect behind an attack in late February on an Israeli-owned cargo vessel Helios Ray that was damaged by a mysterious explosion in the Gulf of Oman.

“We will need to keep investigating, but we can say for sure that Iran is attempting to damage Israeli infrastructure and to hurt Israeli citizens,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz told KAN. He noted that the ship’s proximity to Iran during the incident has strengthened the suspicions against Tehran.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiee appeared to imply earlier this month that Iran is seeking to “secure the open seas,” as Rabiee said, suggesting a potential threat to Israeli ships. He did not admit Iran’s involvement in the attack on the MV Helios Ray.

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