In recent weeks, many Iranian doctors, nurses, and medical staff lost their lives in service. These selfless people were on the front lines of countering the coronavirus.

However, they didn’t have essential items to protect themselves and their health against the dangerous virus. In other words, they fell victim to a corrupt system and mismanagement that pursues its political and financial interest before the health and lives of the people and human resources of the country.

“In [Kerman], 41 percent of infected people with the coronavirus consist of doctors, nurses, and medical staff,” the state-run IRNA news agency quoted Mehdi Hosseininezad, the head of industry and mine organization in Kerman province, as saying on March 7. He mentioned “lack of face masks, alcohol, and gloves” as the main reason for the spread the deadly virus among medical staff.

Notably, Gilan province in northern the country had the most significant mortality rate among doctors and nurses. These noble people suffer from a shortage of necessary equipment to preserve their health like many of their colleagues in different areas in Iran.

Also, on March 7, the state-run YJC website provided a report from Mashhad, northeastern Iran, about conditions of nurses in the second major city in Iran. “In several hospitals, nurses are deprived of protective equipment like gowns, N95 face masks, gloves, and disinfectant fluid,” a member of the governing board of the nursing organization in Mashhad Javad Tavakkoli told YJC.

Several Iranian Doctors and Nurses Died of COVID-19

In this respect, reports revealed the name of several doctors, nurses, and medical staff who lost their lives due to the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

Dr. Mostafa Samadi in Babol, northern the country

Dr. Kazem Mohebbi Fanni in Mashhad, northeastern the country

Dr. Vahid Mosef Kasmaei, emergency medicine expert and associated professor in Gilan’s Medical Sciences University

Dr. Javad Khodadadi, the head of Kamkar hospital in Qom city

Dr. Siamak Diushli, a pediatrician in the governmental hospital in Bandar-Anzali city, northern Iran

Dr. Mohammadali Rabiei, General Practitioner in Gilan

Dr. Mehdi Fathabadi, emergency medicine expert of Chamran hospital in Tehran

Dr. Sourna Mirmirani, a psychiatrist in Amol, northern the country

Dr. Vahid Irvani, psychiatrist, lost his life in Tehran

Dr. Samad Babazadeh, 53-year family practitioner in Babol

Dr. Andolshokur Hazhir Amiri, a pharmacist in Rasht city

Mrs. Hanieh Edalati, an employee of the medical document section of Shafa hospital in Qazvin

Mr. Ahmad Salim Abadi Doust, an employee in transmission affairs of Kamkar hospital in Qom

Mrs. Tahereh Esmaili, a nurse of Beheshti hospital in Qom city

Also, several nurses in different towns of Gilan provinces fall victims to the coronavirus, including

Ali Sheikhmoradi, Qaem hospital in Rasht

Qolamreza Vosouqikia, Poursina and Arya hospitals in Rasht

Ramin Azizi, Baharlu hospital in Rasht

Narjes Khanali, 25-year nurse of Milad hospital in Lahijan city

Iman Moinzadeh, Kousar hospital in Astaneh Ashrafieh city

Furthermore, in the northern city of Babol, several medical staff have been hospitalized due to their hazardous conditions. Dr. Farid Nirouei is in a coma, Dr. Niaki is severely ill, and several have been hospitalized including Tamaddoni, Roushan, Babaei, Davoudi, Pourhossein, and Monadi.

Previously, nurses of Amini hospital in Langaroud city requested urgent help. “We have no appropriate, standard equipment for countering coronavirus,” they stated. Additionally, the head of the isolating and quarantine section of Masih Daneshvari hospital declared that “several doctors and nurses” have contracted with the coronavirus. Remarkably, Masih Daneshvari is one of the most advanced Iranian hospitals about respiratory diseases and other problems. Many Iranian officials, including people who are close to the supreme leader Ali Khamenei, undergo therapy there.

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