Iran Regime ordered rocket attack on central Israel

A senior Hamas official, speaking anonymously to Israel Hayom on Tuesday, claimed the rocket which struck a Moshav in central Israel on Monday was ordered by Iran.

Hamas reportedly gave its blessing for the rocket attack in hopes that of disrupting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election campaign.
The rocket attack on Mishmeret, which hit a home, left seven people injured including two infants.

He claimed that Iran “went over the heads” of Hamas leadership and ordered an Islamic Jihad cell operating out of the Gaza Strip to carry out the attack.

While senior officials in both Egypt and Gaza confirmed that Iran had ordered the attack, they claimed that Hamas’ leadership was aware of the plans to fire a rocket deep into Israeli territory.

This led to a major escalation of the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

The official claimed that Hamas leaders gave their blessing to the attack.

The senior Hamas official told Israel Hayom that Hamas also hoped the sudden escalation would harm Netanyahu’s chance of remaining in office in next month’s Knesset election on April 9.

Source » jpost

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