Several sources have reported the death of a protester after he was released following a short detention by the Islamic Republic security forces.

A twitter account named Dadban, which is active about human right issues, wrote Saturday that Arash Forouzandeh from the southern city of Abadan, was arrested on March 10 in Tehran.

According to Dadban, Forouzandeh was detained by plainclothes agents and was released after several hours of interrogation.

“During the interrogation, they gave him a bottle of water and he drank it, but he suffered severe poisoning after that, which forced him to go to hospital several times. Finally, he died on March 19 due to the same poisoning,” tweeted Dadban.

Journalist, Saeed Hafezi, citing several friends of Forouzandeh and the medical staff of Sina and Shariati hospitals called his suspicious death a “murder”.

Since protests began, regime agents have arrested nearly 20,000 Iranians during or between rounds of protests. Many have been released but a few died apparently with no certain reason.

In November, Arshia Emamgholizadeh, 16, was arrested in East Azarbaijan province for tossing the turban of a cleric. He was kept in prison for ten days and released on bail. He committed suicide two days later. He had told his friends that prison authorities gave them some pills to swallow every night, as well as torturing them.

Some doctors believe that whatever drug was given to some prisoners addicted them to a degree that after being released they experienced severe depression.

Source » iranintl