At the Iranian Resistance rally in Brussels on March 20, Senator Robert Torricelli spoke about the importance of supporting Iran’s protests, the Resistance movement, and the Iranian people’s desire for regime change.

Below is the text of Senator Robert Torricelli at the Brussels Nowruz rally:

Hello. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank all. Thank you. Thank you. My friends, allow me to properly introduce myself. I am a volunteer like you, in the army for Iranian freedom.

We are global. We are housewives. We are business people. We are students. We are Americans. We are Brits. We are Germans. We are French. We are Iranians. And we are committed to one thing the Iranian people enjoy the fruits of their prosperity. That they live a free life. That Iran rejoins the family of nations as a democratic republic that unites us all. We meet today as this 40-year struggle reaches its final months. You can feel the energy. You can see the future. It’s coming and it’s coming quickly.

And as we approach the day of reckoning for the mullahs and their tyrannical regime, we only ask this of the international community, to our friends in the EU close at our side, to those in America and Canada and throughout the world, we ask them to be on the right side of history. Be on the side of the Iranian people, not of the mullahs. Be on the side of freedom, not short-term economic opportunity. Be on the side where you can be proud that at this decisive moment in the history of the Iranian people, you stood with the Iranian people in the fight for their freedom.

There are already heroes throughout the world in this struggle. The government of Albania, which stood strong in bringing refugees to Ashraf, the police in France and Belgium, and Germany, which protected us from their terrorists to the government of France, which has harbored Iranian leadership. There are heroes throughout the world. We ask you now only this: stand firm, stand strong. Do not cower. Close their embassies. Declare them to be the terrorists that they are.

To the Iranian people: We only ask this: do not cower, do not hesitate. The future is in your hands. The students, the shopkeepers, and the workers. You’re regaining your freedom every day. There is nothing in history that dictates that being Iranian means you must be poor or you must be enslaved, that you cannot live a free life. You are entitled to what every person in Europe or the Americas or Asia is entitled to. You are entitled to a good life. You are earning it. It is in your hands. Do not give up now.

And finally, to the people of diaspora, wherever you may be around the world. Let us speak honestly. In every revolution, as the train is leaving the station, there are always those who get on late and hold on to the caboose. That’s okay. Everyone is welcome. Whether you were with us for 40 years or four days, the new Iran has a place for everyone with only one condition: we are not fighting. We have not fought all these years to exchange one dictator for another dictator. The new Iran will be free.

If you believe in Mrs. Rajavi’s ten-point plan, a republic, gender equality, a non-nuclear Iran, Iran at peace, Iran that does not execute or persecute its people, a democratic, free Iran, if these are your principles, whether you are always with us or you’ve never been with us, but you join us now. You are welcome. We are the same. We are a free Iran. Welcome aboard.

Even now while victory is close and the mullahs cower in their palaces clinging to their stolen dollars, even, now it is not too early to start thinking about what victory will be like. We are not fighting simply to replace their government with a new government, even if it is a free government. We are fighting to build a new future. Those who will lead this future need will bring what we have brought to this struggle. We have succeeded as an organization. The MEK. After all the death and all the destruction, all the fighting because of leadership, of focus, of determination, of resources, the things that have won this revolution are the things that will build an Iranian future.

There is no one who can reach around this globe to get the resources to rebuild a country that has been destroyed after 40 years of oppression. There is no one that can bring the skill, the organization, and the unity to the Iranian people that Mrs. Rajavi and the MEK can bring to Tehran. We won the revolution. We’re winning the revolution. But we will also win the peace and build a new country.

And so let us dedicate ourselves in these final months to unite the diaspora of all people of Iranian descent. Let us dedicate ourselves not only to winning the revolution but to winning a new, prosperous future for the Iranian people. Let us do these things together, wherever you are.

Again, to the international community, to the diasporas, to those inside Iran. You can feel it. You can smell it. Victory is close. Onto a free Iran!

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