Iran Regime linked cyber spy group continues attacks on Saudi Arabia and U.S.

Symantec research shows that over the last three years, Iran-linked cyber espionage group Elfin, aka APT33, has targeted government agencies and private organizations in different various sectors across the globe, with the vast majority of attacks being directed at Saudi Arabia (42%) and the US (34%). The targeted sectors include research, chemical, engineering, manufacturing, consulting, finance and telecommunications.

Between 2016 and 2019, Elfin went after 18 US organizations in the engineering, chemical, research, energy consultancy, finance, IT, and healthcare sectors. Some of the targets are Fortune 500 companies. The researchers noted that a number of campaigns against US organizations were part of supply-chain attacks, in which threat actors target companies through weak links in their supply network. This type of attack is becoming increasingly common.

Source » oodaloop

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