On Saturday, March 24, Shetaw Farouqi was transferred to the Sanandaj Central Prison after being detained for 20 days in the Sanandaj Intelligence Agency.

Shetaw Faroughi was arrested along with her two children on March 3, 2018, by intelligence agents at Tabriz Airport, upon return from Istanbul where she had visited her husband, a Kurdish activist.

Kurdish activist Barzan Faroughi comes from Marivan in Iranian Kurdistan. He had to leave the country and seek refuge in Turkey due to the regime’s pressures and harassment.

His wife and two children had travelled to Turkey to visit him, but were arrested upon return home.

Mr. Faroughi said, “Intelligence Department agents arrested my wife, Shetaw Faroughi, and my two children – Mohammad, 13, and Ala, 5 – upon return from Istanbul at the Airport of Tabriz. My son was arrested while his arm and leg had been broken in an accident. Mohammad and Ala were released after three days, but Shetaw Faroughi has been taken to the detention center of the Intelligence Department in Sanandaj and remains there.”

Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdistan Province, western Iran. Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan Province in northwestern Iran.

Source » iran-hrm