Jews are a subject of disproportionate focus as a unique enemy of Islam and the people of Yemen.

A newly released report into educational materials published in the areas of Yemen that the Houthi rebels run has highlighted a familiar animus toward the Jewish people and Israel.

However, as IMPACT-se Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School reveals in its report, much of the Houthis’ attitudes toward the United States, Israel and Jews, identically mirrors that of its financial backers in Tehran.

Indeed, IMPACT-se notes that Ansar Allah organization – the Houthis – “has made education a core tenet of their campaign to spread its influence over the Yemeni region.”

“The combination of the textbooks’ graphic depiction of deceased children, prevalent hatred, glorification of violence as the only solution for resolving conflicts, the indoctrination of children to sacrifice their lives, and the overall Manichean worldview, run contrary to UNESCO standards of peace and tolerance and are unacceptable in any society.”

“Violence and jihad are expressly encouraged, presented as the only method of conflict resolution. Children add up rifles to teach arithmetic. The US and its flag are characterized as a universal evil, responsible for all the atrocities in the world. Children are taught to chant ‘death to America.’ The Houthi materials contain explicit antisemitism including manipulated Holocaust-related imagery. Children are encouraged to fight against the ‘tyranny of the Jews.’ Israel is referred to as a ‘cancerous tumor.’ The Houthi slogan, ‘death to Israel, curse on the Jews,’ is repeatedly shown throughout the materials.”

The report argues that the research acts as a real-world case study for how the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps works to recruit and coordinate its client organizations across the Arab world.

The irony of the situation is that while many Arab regimes seemed to be toppling or about to topple during the Arab Spring between December 2010 and December 2012, Yemen seemed to be an oasis of relative calm with a seamless transition of power.

However, the promise of federalism and avoidance of a descent into bloody civil war and chaos was dashed due to Iran’s “militia doctrine,” aimed at the creation of loyal militias wherever possible in the region, to advance Iranian hegemony.

“These Houthi educational materials mimic much of the Khomeinist rhetoric of the Iranian regime, of which it is a proxy. They are a worrying insight into the violent Houthi mindset and an extreme example of how education can be weaponized to perpetuate conflict,” maintained IMPACT-se CEO Marcus Sieff.

Source » i24news