Iranian lawmakers have slammed the government’s economic and other policies in interviews during Nowruz holidays as people complain about rising prices.

Ramezan Ali Sangdovini, representing Gorgan told Rouydad24 website that “Iran is overwhelmed by mismanagement.” He added that “even those neighboring countries that are affected by wars are doing better than us.”

Iran’s currency, rial, dropped to unprecedented lows right before the Nowruz, creating more chaos and despair for a population which has lost most of its purchasing power since 2018, because of US sanctions and a mismanaged economy.

Sangdovini stressed that “mismanagement is seriously endangering the integrity and authority of Iran’s political system.” He added: “Iran has no problem in resources and capital. All our problems are caused by mismanagement of resources.”

He reiterated that most of government managers are not fit for the positions they hold. Furthermore, the way they treat the people is less than perfect. Sangdovini said that the government cannot manage the falling national currency, rising prices and inflation rate.

He dismissed official comments about the “enemy’s role in rising prices,” and said the government is responsible. “The price of items such as dairy and gasoline is absolutely under the government’s control. But it is not clear why the government refuses to keep the price of these items low.”

He warned the government that currently a large part of the population cannot afford to buy a kilo of meat. He added that the government has refused to send ministers to the parliament to answer lawmakers. The only solution for the Majles is to impeach the ministers,” Sangdovini said.

Earlier, some lawmakers, including former nuclear chief Fereydoun Abbasi had said that the country’s economic situation can only get worse, adding that the government lacks the will and authority to solve the problem.

Many politicians and commentators have been urging the regime to reach an agreement with the United States over its nuclear dispute and try to remove crippling sanctions, but so far talks with the West remain suspended.

Meanwhile, another lawmaker, Jalal Mahmoudzadeh told reporters that the only way to sort out Iran’s economic chaos is to summon President Ebrahim Raisi to the parliament. “Not only there has not been any progress in fixing the economic since Raisi took office in 2021, but the country has even lost ground in some areas as a result of the government’s inefficiency.”

He added that the parliament should deal with the matter and step in to sort out the problem once and for all. “We should summon Raisi to the Majles and question him and demand convincing answers from him; and if we are not convinced, then we should use the parliament’s supervisory leverage,” meaning to impeach the President. “He is the chief executive and should be accountable for the current situation,” Mohammadzadeh said.

He reminded that when Raisi took office, he promised to control inflation and boost the national currency. He also promised to create four million jobs during the four years of his presidency. We see that not only none of these have happened, but Iranians lost 10 million jobs because of restrictions the government has imposed on access to the Internet. This comes while based on Raisi’s promises, he should have created 1.5 million new jobs during this period.

Meanwhile, Mohammadzadeh warned lawmakers that if they fail to make Raisi accountable for his poor performance, their own electability will be at risk in the next parliamentary election in 2024.

Source » iranintl