The Iran-backed Houthi militia maintains its violations in Yemen at the time Saudi Arabia works to end the war raging in the country for over six years now.

The Houthi militia keeps targeting Saudi civilians as well as vital facilities in different parts of Saudi Arabia.

It also widens its repression of the Yemenis and commits horrific crimes against them in different parts of Yemen.

The Houthi militia also continues to steal the wealth of the Yemeni people, receiving support from Iran which wants to impose its control on Yemen as it did other Arab countries.


Houthi Spokesman Yahia al-Sarie conceded on March 26 that the Houthi air force had attacked vital military facilities in Saudi Arabia.

He said 18 Houthi drones had attacked important sites in Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis, he added, also fired ballistic missiles on the same targets.

The Houhi spokesman noted that Houthi militants also attacked premises of the Saudi oil company Aramco in several southern Saudi cities.

We also attacked other military sites, Yemeni media quoted him as saying.

This is not the first time the Houthis confess that they launched attacks against Saudi Arabia.

On March 21, al-Sarie said his militia had shelled premises of Aramco with six drones.

He added that the militia had also attacked other sites in southern Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sarie noted that Houthi drones had also attacked a military site in Abha Airport, hitting the site with precision, according to Yemeni media.

This and other Houthi attacks were condemned by a large number of countries, including the United States which had recently removed the Houthis from a list of terrorist organizations.

Source » theportal-center