Yemen President says that they have confiscated Iran’s Arms many Times

Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi delivered a speech on Sunday marking the second anniversary of the beginning of “Operation Decisive Storm” by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

“Operation Decisive Storm brought an end to the sectarian solution for the Yemeni crisis,” he said while departing Riyadh for an Arab League summit in Jordan.

“Houthi militias have dispatched students to Iran for religious studies, who have become agents for Tehran…Time and again we have discovered and confiscated arms consignments sent by Iran to the Houthis. We have also arrested a number of Iranian forces while smuggling these arms for the Houthis,” Hadi continued.

“The locals of Taez are facing a crisis of no food or water due to the Houthis’ warmongering. However, the international community continues to not take any action,” he added.

The Arab summit is scheduled for March 29th in Amman, Jordan.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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