The Islamic Republic of Iran has hospitalized 66,657 people with coronavirus symptoms across its 31 provinces.

Radio Farda reported on Sunday that it collected data that showed the magnitude of the worst outbreak of the deadly virus in the Middle East.

Iran’s regime says it tested 35,000 people for the virus.

Radio Farda said 4,298 people have died due to the virus while Tehran’s rulers say the death rate is 2,500 deaths. The Islamic Republic is the epicenter of the coronavirus in the Middle East.
Iran’s regime has faced accusations that it is deceiving the public about the spread of the disease and its measures to protect the population.

Iran’s Health Ministry officials stress, wrote Radio Farda, that “their data is based on administered coronavirus tests, and they exclude those who have just clinical symptoms of the COVID-19 but are not tested for the virus. Due to unavailability of enough test kits this could considerably keep the numbers low.”

According to the news outlet, “Radio Farda’s data is based on the figures given away by central and local officials, and the number of people who have had symptoms of the deadly disease across the country.”

The news organization added that “The data collected by Radio Farda is also a very conservative estimate, and the real number of the victims could be much higher. The data show that most of the novel coronavirus victims belong to the provinces of Isfahan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, and Qom.”

The Islamic Republic refuses to release the number of coronavirus for each of the country’s 31 provinces.

Radio Farda wrote that 16,100 people have been hospitalized in the past month in the province of Tehran and at least 826 have died of the virus.

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