Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah said on Tuesday that a UN-sponsored political settlement was the only solution to the crisis in Syria.

In remarks at a Brussels virtual donors conference on Syria, he called on Iran to halt its efforts to make demographic and sectarian change in Syria.

The reconstruction of the war-torn country hinges on reaching the desired settlement, he stressed.

He underscored Saudi Arabia’s ongoing support for efforts to reach a solution to the crisis in a way that ensures the security of the Syrian people and protects them from terrorist organizations and sectarian militias that are hampering a real settlement.

The settlement demands that the regime and opposition agree on a political solution, said Prince Faisal.

He hoped that the efforts to reach a solution will succeed, saying Syria deserves stability, peace and security and deserves to return to its Arab fold.

“We will support any effort that serves this purpose,” he added.

Source » aawsat