Vahid Jalili is the chief for cultural affairs and policy evolution at the EU-listed Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

During the 2022/2023 protests, IRIB broadcasted forced confessions from foreign hostages. Due to his senior position at IRIB, Jalili is directly involved in undermining the human rights of foreign hostages and in their inhuman treatment. He is also responsible for sharing propaganda confessions supporting the regime.

He is therefore responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran.

Vahid Jalili is the brother of Saeed Jalili, former nuclear negotiator in ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration and a staunch critic of JCPOA.

ISNA reminded its readers that Vahid Jalili’s background include publishing ‘revolutionary’ material and founding the Research Institute for the Cultural Front of the Revolution. This possibly means he would toughen Iran’s only broadcaster’s position on the nuclear negotiations.

According to his official website he is praising terrorist Qassem Soleimani

ifmat - Who is Vahid Jalili Jalili is sharing propaganda confessions supporting the regime

According to Fars News Agency – December 16, 2021, Peyman Jebli appointed Vahid Jalili, the head of the Radio and Television Organization, as “Deputy Head of the Organization for Cultural Affairs and Secretary of the National Media Transformation Headquarters.”

Jalili’s sentence states:

Due to your commitment, competencies and long and useful experiences in the field of Iranian, Islamic and revolutionary culture and art, you are hereby appointed as “Deputy Chairman of the Organization for Cultural Affairs and Secretary of the National Media Transformation Headquarters.”

You are expected to complete the following missions:

– Mobilizing the maximum valuable capacities inside and outside the organization to improve the content and quality of programs in accordance with the four missions of the organization as the Supreme Leader, the University of Awareness and Knowledge, the source of soft warfare and counterfeiting, the sanatorium of eyes and heart to enjoy beauty and art And the camp of spreading hope and joy

– Pursue the implementation of changes in the mechanisms, content and quality of theatrical productions by looking at the macro strategies of the national media

– Redefine and purposefully activate the “Design, Production, Distribution, Feedback” cycle to strengthen strategic integration

– Reducing parallelism, maximizing agility and synergy of TV and audio networks

Design and implementation of appropriate mechanisms to improve the quality of human resources at the level of the Islamic Revolution in the national media

– Promoting identity-centeredness and justice in approaches, programs and mechanisms

All departments and departments of the organization will have maximum cooperation and coordination in carrying out the mentioned missions.