Eight women activists imprisoned in Tehran Evin prison have issued a statement holding the Islamic Republic responsible for the death of 20-year-old Sara Tabrizi.

Tabrizi, a former political prisoner, was found dead in her father’s Tehran home on March 24.

The statement, republished by Narges Mohammadi on Instagram, said that Tabrizi was “tortured and threatened” in Evin prison following her arrest in December 2023.

It further said she received a summons from the Intelligence Ministry on Mach 23, just one day before her death.

Tabrizi’s body was buried on March 25.

IranWire obtained documents through an interview with a relative, indicating that Tabrizi had been “under severe pressure from security agents and interrogators” in recent months.

The activists’ statement also confirms many of the reports about Tabrizi that circulated in the previous week, including mentioning “she was with us for a week [in prison].”

Following the news of Tabrizi’s death under suspicious circumstances, the Iranian judiciary denied issuing any summons to Tabrizi by security or judicial institutions.

Source » iranwire