In contrast to the statement about recognising a non-existent Palestinian state, Labor’s policy on Iran “displays the kind of nuance and realism people expect from the party of Australia’s alternative government”, ECAJ co-CEO Peter Wertheim said this week.

“So too does the ALP platform’s condemnation of Hezbollah, although it is regrettable that the ALP has accepted the fiction that Hezbollah’s external security organisation can be treated separately from the rest of the organisation,” Wertheim added.

The Iran resolution called for an improved, more robust agreement to curb its nuclear ambitions and working to ensure Tehran does not use proxies to foment civil war across the Middle East, while Hezbollah was condemned for its role in Syria’s civil war.

AIJAC executive director Colin Rubenstein said, “Iran and its proxies including Hezbollah represent the gravest threat to Middle East peace, so we welcome the resolutions and are pleased that they have recognised this problem. However, the threats posed are far more wide-ranging than recognised by the resolutions, so we believe they need to go further.”

The ZFA also said it welcomed the additional resolutions on Iran and Hezbollah, “Which recognised their negative impact across the Middle East, and the need for whole-hearted Iranian cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, with full verification.”

Source » timesofisrael