(Sitky Ayan: A Turkish businessman who operates on behalf of Qods Force – Source: doublecheque.online) – In the past few months, senior Turkish businessman Sitky Ayan has been involved in Iranian oil trade deals on behalf of Qods Force. Ayan heads the Turkish oil corporation ASB, which owns several companies: Som Petrol Ticaret A.S, Turang Transit Tasmacilik A.S, Gent Elektrik Enerjisi Toptan Satis A.S, Aktau Petrol Ticaret A.S, and Baslam Nakliyat A.S.

It has now become apparent that Ayan is using the companies he owns to trade oil and distillates with various countries, thus providing a legitimate front for illicit oil deals. The fact that the oil originated in Iran is not revealed to the client. Ayan sells the Iranian oil to China, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, and Western countries. Ayan’s oil sales constitute another part of Iran’s activity in the oil sales channel led by Qods Force operative Rostam Ghasemi, who was exposed on this site.

Ayan uses business infrastructure under his control, such as companies and accounts at Turkish banks, to complete the deals. By doing this, he camouflages and conceals complex Qods Force activity.

In addition to his involvement in oil deals, Ayan helps Qods Force convert foreign currency through the Turkish banking system: The oil revenue in foreign currency is transferred to Turkish bank accounts owned by Qods Force members. The scope of Qods Force’s foreign currency revenue from these channels makes Ayan a key element in funding Qods Force terror activity in the Middle East.

ifmat - Sitky Ayan - A Turkish businessman who operates on behalf of Qods Force

Sitky Ayan