The former Jordanian Prime Minister, Fayez Al-Tarawneh, said that Iran tried to export its revolution to Jordan, through attempts to penetrate the Jordanian ranks.

In a promotional video published by Al-Arabiya TV for the third part of his interview as part of the “Political Memory” program, he said, “Dollars and leaflets on Wilayat al-Faqih were found, along with people who were caught.”

He said, “Those who were seized with dollars wanted to recruit Jordanians, as there are no Shiites in Jordan.”

The channel announced that the third part will be broadcast today, Friday, at 19:30 GMT, 10:30 Saudi time.

Political Memory is a 30-minute political talk show that hosts senior decision-makers who have assumed public offices to shed light on important events they witnessed from close up, and to reveal the scenes of the era in which they were contemporary.

The Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, said last January that his country supports the start of dialogue with Iran in order to reach a permanent solution to the tension, and to build regional relations on cooperation, we must deal with other issues related to Iranian interference in Arab affairs.

“We want a good neighborly relationship with Iran, and the Arab world has emphasized that, but in order to reach this point, there must be a transparent dialogue,” Safadi added.

Source » almasdarnews