Cracking down on Houthi stronghold ends ‘Iranian project’

Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr said on Monday that cracking down on the Houthis in their stronghold in Saada is the beginning of the end to Iran’s dangerous sectarian project via its Houthi tool.

“The military operation to cut the head off the snake in its stronghold aims to put an end to Iran’s project and destroy its dream to form sectarian militias like it did in other Arab countries,” Bin Daghr said.

“Opening a fifth front in Al Dhaher District in Saada and approaching the hometown of the rebels’ leader in Marran confirm victory is near,” Bin Dagher said during a phone call with Saada governor Hadi Tarshan who updated him on the army’s victories in cooperation with the Arab coalition in the Houthis’ stronghold.

The PM commended the great victories in Saada and said the Yemeni army, which has the Arab coalition’s full logistic support, is making great sacrifices to draw the future of Yemen that will not accept altering its identity as an Arab state or submit to agendas that aim to blackmail other countries.

He reiterated that the legitimate government and the Arab coalition will continue to fight until “they achieve complete victory and eliminate the most dangerous, bloodiest and worst sectarian coup in the history of modern Yemen.”

Source » alarabiya

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