Iranians around the world held rallies and demonstrations on Saturday to declare solidarity with the uprising and call for an end to the Islamic Republic.

The rallies were held on Islamic Republic Day, a public holiday in Iran marking the anniversary of the beginning of the Islamic Republic, with hundreds of Iranians coming out to demonstrate.

According to the regime, the results of a public referendum in 1979 were a resounding 98.2% vote for the establishment of an Islamic state, but today, the picture looks very different.

Iranians held rallies in US and Canadian cities while videos from Sweden, Oslo and Denmark show the opponents of the Islamic Republic going to symbolic ballot boxes to say “NO” to the regime.

Similar events were also held in Brisbane, Leeds, Karlsruhe, Berlin and Barcelona.

In 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran published statistics, which showed that 4,037,258 Iranians are living abroad, an increase from previous years. It is believed those numbers are growing, the largest population found in the US.

Source » iranintl