Prisoners in Varamin Khurin Prison of Tehran Province have not enjoyed access to warm water for the past month, and their cold water has also been cut off for a week now.

The prison’s powerhouse is down and the inmates are currently forced to pay 60,000 rials (equal to nearly $2) for half a liter of drinking water. This is nearly twice the cost outside the prison. In such conditions, it is impossible to shower or wash any clothing, which is crucial to maintain a proper hygiene level within such a closed environment.

Prison authorities claim the powerhouse has technical problems and the lack of adequate budget for the repairs is preventing any measures in this regard, reports indicate. Around 300 million rials (approximately $8,500) is needed, according to the authorities.

It is crystal clear to all that this is a method used by the authorities to impose pressure on the inmates. This current crisis is threatening the lives and wellbeing of these prisoners.

Source: / ncr-iran /