Political prisoner Farhad Salmanpour Zahir has been denied medical treatment despite suffering from medical conditions.

Farhad Salmanpour who suffered severe injuries to his spine as a result of torture and beatings in prison, as well as harassment of ordinary inmates, barely can walk and urgently needs medical treatment.

He also suffers from a lung infection and is suspected of having MS. He needs specialised medical tests. Salmanpour family’s requests for a leave from prison for him in order to receive medical treatment is being withheld by judicial officials.

The political prisoner was thrown down of his bunk bed last year by a dangerous criminal and suffered a broken spine.

The confinement of political prisoners in Iran together with violent criminals has endangered their lives. There have been numerous reports of ordinary inmates incited by prison officials attacking political prisoners.

Prison officials had previously taken the prisoner to forensic medicine, while he had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Farhad Salmanpour was arrested by security agents in Tehran on August 21, 2019 and transferred to Ward 209 of Evin Prison. After enduring 45 days in solitary confinement, he was transferred to section 4 in Evin Prison.

The 3rd Branch of the Evin Security Court charged Farhad Salmanpour with “aiding in the escape of Saied Malekpour”, “assembly and collusion against the state”, “spreading propaganda against the state”, and “publishing classified information”. This is while Saied Malekpour has said on many occasions that Farhad had nothing to do with his escape.

Malekpour, however, has repeatedly denied allegations against Farhad Salmanpour over the past year that he was involved in Saeed fleeing.

Saeed Malekpour, a former political prisoner, has repeatedly denied allegations against Farhad Salmanpour Zahir that he was involved in leaving the country over the past year.

Saeed Malekpour was sentenced to life in prison over a programme he created for uploading photos to the web. His sister posted a video online showing his return to Canada in August 2019. He fled while on short-term release from prison.

Source » iran-hrm