The commander of the Iranian air defense, Brigadier General Ali Sabahi Fard, said on Saturday, that his forces are monitoring “the enemy’s movements beyond our borders,” adding that at this stage they have reached a level that enables them to monitor and destroy any object at any height.

Fard touched on the eight-year war with Iraq (1980-1988), saying that the air defense took effective measures during the period of “holy defense” and that no operation was carried out except under the umbrella of air defense, which constitutes a great pride for this force, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported.

“During the period of the Holy Defense, we were stationed in more than 250 points across the country, and we did not allow any strikes on vital centers such as military bases and airports, and we fully established air security,” he said.

Fard stressed that the air defense, especially on the island of Khark, worked in a way that preserved the continuation of this vital artery in the sale and transmission of energy and never allowed the enemy to cut this artery.

He added that the air defense forces forces enjoy modern knowledge and technology, and uses the latest equipment, including advanced systems, and while it guards the country’s skies, it also monitors the enemy’s movements across the borders.

Source » almasdarnews