Status quo would not last in Iran

The Iranian regime’s former president Ahmadinejad says: heading the government today, are those who “consider respect for the rights of the nation and freedom and justice contrary to their privileges and powers,” and they do everything to keep that power and privileges in place.

In an audio message, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused the regime of arbitrary and illegal actions.

He said that the judiciary “not only eliminated the rights to protest and to criticize” in the country, but also has accused all critics with unfounded allegations of “acting against national security” and imprisoned them.

Ahmadinejad said today the regime’s rulers are consisted of a few groups and families that illegally exclude any critic and opposition from the scene.

He considered the judiciary and its courts as the main means of this action and described the judiciary’s current approach towards the opponents as illegal and cowardly.

He invited the judiciary to a public debate and then asked how protesters should express their protests without being charged with acting against the national security and not being arrested.

He once again called for the public court hearing of his deputy, Hamid Baghaei and warned Iranian regime leaders that the status quo would not continue.

Source » ncr-iran

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