“Fortunately, the arms embargo on the Islamic Republic of Iran terminated in October 2020 under the (UN) Security Council resolution, and we have no problem in exporting defense items and equipment,” Hatami told Colonel General Sherali Mirzo, Tasnim reported.

The Iranian defense minister also warned against spread of Daesh terrorists and other extremist groups in the region including Central Asia.

Daesh operatives have so far committed several terrorist acts in Afghanistan, a southern neighbor to Tajikistan.

Elsewhere in his remarks, General Hatami said, “We have always expressed opposition to the presence of extra-regional forces in wars and various conflicts, whether in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.”

Hatami also pointed to the high price that Iran has paid for restoring peace and stability in the region.

Iran’s defense chief said the greatest and most irreparable damage that Iran suffered was the U.S. assassination of Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the legendary commander in the war against terrorists.

For his part, the visiting Tajik defense minister voiced his country’s willingness to enhance political, military and defense cooperation with Iran, saying the two countries have achieved suitable and strategically valuable results by capitalizing on their cultural and social affinities.

Colonel General Mirzo also highlighted the importance of cooperation between Tehran and Dushanbe in ensuring regional peace, stability and security, stressing that the conflicts and insecurity in the region necessitate closer cooperation between the two countries in the battle against terrorism and drug trafficking.

Tajikistan recently hosted a conference on Afghanistan. The conference titled “Heart of Asia” brought foreign ministers from regional countries together.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif participated in the conference and held talks with the Tajik president and foreign minister.

Source » tehrantimes