Buck Sexton, the former CIA analyst and host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” called out Iran on Thursday after President Trump warned of a possible “sneak attack” on U.S. troops or assets in Iraq.

Sexton said, assuming the intelligence is accurate, it is remarkable that Iran “would even think about” taking military action—even through its proxies—while the country is struggling with the coronavirus. He said it is just further proof that the regime is more focused on “lashing out and killing our people than protecting their people.”

Trump said Iran would “pay a very heavy price” if it decides to go on the offensive in the region. He did not identify the source of the intelligence, but said it was solid.

Tensions between the U.S. and Tehran have been dramatically increased after the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani earlier this year.

Tehran has been criticized for its slow response to the virus’ outbreak. Late February, when the virus was gaining steam in the country, Tehran’s deputy health minister was seen at a televised press conference sweating and using a napkin to pat his brow. The presser was intended to respond to claims that Iran was lying about the number of those infected.

Iran’s official death toll from the new coronavirus hit 3,000 and has over 47,000 cases. The U.S. has been suspicious of the official numbers provided by Tehran and reports from the county that the virus has been slowing.

President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that his country has been “much more successful than many other countries in the fight against the disease,” the BBC reported. He said the U.S. missed a golden opportunity during the outbreak to lift sanctions a gesture of goodwill.

“This was the best historic opportunity for the Americans to turn away from their wrong path and for once to say to the Iranian nation that they are not an anti-Iranian people,” Rouhani said. Iran called the sanctions “economic terrorism.”

Sexton said Tehran brought the sanctions upon themselves. The country has announced new centrifuges, has long-backed proxies in Iraq and threatened the Strait of Hormuz.

“U.S. never seeks a military conflict, but if an adversary decides to attack a U.S. Army base, the military would unleash hell,” continued Sexton. If provoked, “we are a fearsome thing.”

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