The political prisoner, Ebrahim Firouzi went on hunger strike in Gohardasht (Western-Tehran) Prison for two days in order to support the release of the political prisoners Rasoul Hardani and Shahram Pourmansouri.He announced:”I, Ebrahim Firouzi, am the political prisoner that has confirmed the injustice committed against the political prisoners, Rasoul Hardani and Shahram Pourmansouri by the brutal Iran regime. I support these innocent prisoners according to the religious teachings because the Bible says: “one of the Jewish scholars asked Jesus, what the highest commandment of God is. In response to this question, Jesus said:” to love your neighbor as yourself”. The Jewish scholar asked who his neighbor is and Jesus answered: “the one who needs help from you is, therefore, your neighbor.” I hereby ask the Christians to be inspired by the story of the Good Samaritan and to pray for the release of these prisoners who have been imprisoned for years and not yet been released. Meanwhile, I will be on hunger strike on Thursday and Friday, April 6th and 7th in order to protest against the continuation of tortures and inhumane mistreatments towards these innocents.”

It is noteworthy that as NCRI had reported last month, the five years prison sentence issued by the court of first instance for the Iranian Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi was confirmed by the appeals court.

There has also been several reports over the past years on arresting and trying Christian converts in Iran. A number of human rights organizations issued a joint statement in December 2016, asking the international community to try to stop persecution of Christian converts in Iran.

In addition to abovementioned prisoners,another Political prisoner Khalid Hardani, in protest against the lawlessness and not releasing Rasoul Hardani and Shahram Pour Mansouri has declared two days of hunger strike, and In a statement that he sent a copy of which to Ms. Asma Jahangir, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, he wrote: “According to the official statement of government newspapers the date of the release of Rasoul Hardani and Shahram Pour Mansouri was August 21, 2015 (ie, 15 years after the arrest). In protesting the continued illegal detention of Rasoul and Shahram, who were considered minors at the time of their arrest under international law, and who have been subjected to severe inhuman torture and exile and fake allegations, to protest this inhuman and illegal behavior, I will be on hunger strike Tuesday and Wednesday April 4 and 5. Mr Hardani emphasized: It is worth noting that these protests will continue until freedom.

Source: / ncr-iran /