According to reports, jailed civil activist Atena Daemi and her two sisters Aniseh and Hanieh have been sentenced to prison and suspended prison for “insulting the officers on duty.”

According to the court ruling, head of Tehran Criminal Court ‘Judge Ali Babaee’ has said that ‘resisting arrest’ was not established, but ‘insulting the officers on duty’ was.

According to the sentence, each of the defendants will receive three months and one day prison sentence, including the days previously held in custody.

Atena Daemi was taken to prison in December 2016 to serve her seven years prison term, to which she was sentenced earlier.

Ms. Daemi was tried in a court presided over by Judge Moghiseh in March 2015, and convicted of ‘assembly, collusion, and propaganda against the country’, ‘blasphemy and insulting the leader’, and ‘concealing crime evidence’.

Meanwhile, Amnesty international says that before her arrest, Ms. Daemi used to criticize the officials for Iran’s high execution rate through her postings on Facebook, denounce death penalty by drawing painting on the walls, visit graves of the victims of protest rallies against the results of the 2009 presidential election, and report on political prisoners to human rights organizations abroad.”

Masoumeh Nemati, Atena’s mother, had said in an interview at the time that following the Revolutionary Guards’ complaint against her daughter, she was faced with five new charges, including ‘resisting implementation of court order’.

Regarding her arrest, Ms. Daemi had said in an open letter released on December 1 that she asked the officers to show her the arrest warrant, while they broke into the house without showing any, beating her and her sister.

The officers have told her while taking her to prison “we will make you a broth (behave you in such a way) so you no longer think of getting out of the prison”, according to the civil activist.

After Atena’s arrest, she and her father filed a complaint against the Revolutionary Guards for their unauthorized entry into their house. The status of the complaint, however, is currently unknown.

Meanwhile, Atena’s two sisters along with husband of one of them were summoned to branch four of the so-called Shahid Moghaddas court in Evin prison for ‘making some clarifications’ after a complaint against them was filed by judicial officials.

Source: / ncr-iran /