Iranian security officials have arrested some 150 men and women in three mixed-gender parties during the past days.
The state security forces on Monday raided a party in the city of Sirjan and arrested more than a 20 participants on charges of holding a mixed-gender party, the state-run ROKNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Mohsen Nikvarz, the prosecutor of Sirjan city said that the state security forces raided a party in a restaurant and arrested 20 participants on charges of “violating religious rites” and “acting against public health.”

Nikvarz said that the arrestees were temporarily released and the case will be dealt with as soon as possible.

In another development, the West Tehran Chief of Police said on April 3, 2020 that 111 men and women were detained at a mixed-gender garden party in Shahriar, a town near the capital.

“Last night, following investigations, the West Tehran Public Intelligence and Security Police Headquarters was successful in destroying an active party gang in a garden in Shahriar,” he told ILNA state-run News Agency.

Khancherli said that the police arrested 91 men and 20 women including the owner and seized 31 vehicles belonging to guests.
“Holding mixed parties is the ‘red line’ of the Police,” the police official said and warned that there will be no clemency for people engaging in such activities and those who provide venues for such parties.

Earlier, state-run media had reported the arrest of 15 other partygoers including 12 women and three men in a party in Shahriar yesterday.

The Iranian regime does not recognize or respect Iranian’s right to privacy and mobilizes all its forces to crack down on civil liberties.

Hundreds of people have been detained in private mixed-gender parties in the past year.

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