A source in the Syrian Oil Transport Company confirmed to RT Arabic on Wednesday that an Iranian oil tanker had arrived at the Baniyas terminal on the Syrian coast.

The source said that the tanker is carrying one million barrels of oil, without commenting on the reports about another three tankers heading toward the Syrian Arab Republic from the Persian Gulf.

It is noteworthy to mention that a site specializing in tracking the movement of ships had been monitoring some days ago an Iranian tanker heading towards Baniyas, Syria, and they reported that “the tanker is part of a larger fleet of tankers heading to Baniyas in Syria.”

The head of the Syrian government, Hussein Arnous, had also promised a breakthrough in the oil derivatives crisis by the end of this week.

Iran has been one of Syria’s primary suppliers of oil, despite threats from the previous U.S. administration about transporting any oil to the Arab Republic.

Source » almasdarnews