The following reports are about the Iranian regime’s fear of the real news of the coronavirus death toll in Iran leaking out. The reports are the instructions given to the Office of Protection and Security (Linked to the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, MOIS) which demonstrates the regime’s fear of the coronavirus death toll being exposed. These reports have been obtained by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) through its sources inside Iran:

In just one day, in February, at the Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran, 36 people passed away because of the coronavirus. The hospital’s employees said on the same day they were not allowed to take footages or pictures. There are many plainclothes MOIS agents. Today some of these plainclothes agents were speaking with the security forces and the hospital’s management. They put pressure on the medical staff to inform them immediately if anyone wants to take footage.

A report from the Firoozgar Hospital indicates: The Office of Protection and Security has forbidden hospitals and the Ministry of Health’s officials to give the exact number of deceased and infected people by the coronavirus. In return, physicians told the security office, that now that the election is over, why wouldn’t you announce the numbers? They responded that they have orders from above not to announce the statistics, because there will be subsequent security issues. The doctors told the security officials that to prevent more people from being infected, the real statistics must be announced. So people could take preventative measures and know the threats of this disease. Yet the Security Office and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have created a security and military atmosphere to prevent any information from leaking out.

A member of Tehran City Council’s Health Committee, in a private meeting, said around February 20, he announced that 10,000 people were infected with the coronavirus in Tehran. IRGC intelligence contacted him and protested as to why he gave such statistics. He told them, how long are you going to hide this? These words are circulating in society, tell the truth to the people. After all, this disease is no longer a security issue, for which you are calling me. I have given an expert opinion and I have told the truth.

A director of Yaftabad Hospital in Tehran, where the coronavirus patients are being treated, said: “Our main problem in this crisis was that we did not convey the right information to the people and did not provide accurate information, and we were afraid that we would make everything politically insecure,” he continued, “People are in danger, and they have always been.”

A report from the Valian Hospital in the city of Aligudarz in Lorestan province states that since the end of January, several patients diagnosed with the coronavirus have been at the hospital, and all were registered as having pulmonary disorders due to the management order. The hospital’s security office has threatened to fire anyone who gives the names of those killed.

A report from Rasht Hospitals states: Office of Protection and Security calls the hospital’s administrative staff and warns them not to provide statistics on patients and deaths to anyone but the protection office because the statistics should only reach the IRGC. They have even been told to not give statistics to health centers that should officially track the statistics.

It is for this reason, that the regime has announced in its media: “Based on technical monitoring and analysis of news, information and, clips published in cyberspace on the coronavirus outbreak, 998 criminal cases have been identified and summoned so far, another 974 cases have been identified and 316 cases are in the judicial process.”

The reason for the regime’s secrecy in covering the actual death toll of the coronavirus is the regime’s fear of rising social discontent resulting ultimately in a popular uprising. It was also clear that Iran was the source of the coronavirus transmission to other countries, as the regime kept it secret for at least a month after the coronavirus was transmitted to Iran.

Source » ncr-iran