Iran regime issue to be discussed at Arab summit

Officials, leaders, princes, kings, and so on, from the Arab world will soon participate in the 29th Arab Summit in Dammam in Eastern Saudi Arabia. It is due to start on Sunday and the agenda of the summit is full.

One of the major issues that will dominate discussion is the interference of Iranian regime in the region. Also to be discussed is the interference in the Palestinian crisis and the ongoing wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen. The fight against terrorism is on the agenda too.

Meetings are already taking place in preparation for the summit and a delegation from the General Secretariat of the Arab League arrived in the Saudi capital earlier this week.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League’s spokesman, Mahmoud Afifi, said that a media delegation, the permanent delegates of the member states of the pan-Arab body and the general-secretary assistants of the Arab League would be in attendance.

The spokesman recognised that there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed in the Arab world.

When questioned about the participation of Qatar, Afifi confirmed that the state had received a formal invitation.

Iran is involved in every conflict in the Middle East – in some cases directly and in others via its militias and proxy groups. Iran is fuelling conflicts and will stop at nothing to advance in its aims for regional hegemony.

This is evident when we consider Iran’s involvement in the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed more than a dozen people and injured hundreds.

Iran is willing to stop at nothing and it is up to the international community to finally make it accountable for its crimes.

If we consider Syria, for example, removing Iranian regime is the biggest step that can be taken with regards to moving forward and working towards ending the civil war. It is almost certain that if Iranian regime had not got involved in the Syrian civil war it would have ended years ago. Syrian president Bashar al Assad would not have lasted so long if he was not being propped up by Iran.

We can also tell that the Iranian regime is incapable of reform or becoming more moderate. This much is evident when we look at how it treats the people of Iran. The people of Iran are being denied democracy, freedom and human rights. They are mistreated and arrested for speaking out against the regime.

At the end of last year and beginning of this one, widespread protests shook the regime. People initially took to the streets to protest against the economic issues that are worsening and the corruption at every level in the country’s leadership. However, the protests quickly evolved into anti-regime demonstrations and chants of “down with Rouhani, down with the Supreme Leader” were heard.

It would be well-advised for the officials at the Arab summit to realise that when Iranian regime is removed from the equation, the conflicts in the Middle East will die down and it will be easier for a long-lasting solution to be found.

Source » ncr-iran

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