Farmers in Iran continue to protest

On Wednesday, April 11, Iranian farmers and local people held a demonstration in Isfahan, central Iran. A mother in the demonstration shouted during the demonstration that was against lack of water: “Until water flows in the river we will not go home”.

Local merchants in the Khorasgan district of Isfahan went on a general strike on Wednesday in support of the protesting farmers.

The protest is related to the re-routing of the Zayanderud River by the authorities, which has destroyed the regional agriculture.

The regime’s suppressive forces tried in vain to disperse the crowds. The protesters chanted slurs at a police commander who pleaded with people over the megaphone to leave the site of the rally.

Among the protesters’ chants were:

“Leave Syria alone, think of us instead”.
“Today’s a day of mourning”.
“Our enemy is right here, even though they claim it is America”.
“Farmers are prepared to die, but they will not accept dishonor”.

A separate anti-regime protest took place on Wednesday in Ziar, central Iran, after a local resident identified only as Ismail was arrested by the regime during the farmers’ protest in nearby Isfahan.

The protesters in Ziar lit tires in the middle of the streets and chanted slogans including “Farmers’ rights have been betrayed for 18 years.”

Source » ncr-iran

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