Protests continue over water shortage In Iran

Hundreds of farmers demonstrated in the Iranian city of Isfahan for a second day in a protest against what they say is government mismanagement of water resources.

Amateur video shared on social media and labeled as shot on April 11 showed crowds in the streets and large numbers of riot police.

The police warned the protesters that they could be arrested for chanting antigovernment slogans, but there were no detentions reported.

Much of Iran is suffering from drought, and residents of Isfahan say officials have diverted the province’s main river to neighboring Yazd Province, causing their farms to suffer.

Protests over the water crisis have been held in Isfahan and other parts of Iran over the past few months, including in towns in the the western province of Khuzestan.

The government has promised to pay compensation to the farmers.

The Iran Meteorological Organization has said that around 97 percent of the country is experiencing drought to some degree.

Rights groups say the drought has driven thousands of people from their homes.

Source » rferl

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