New level of corruption disguised as old-style imperialistic Exploitation

Why would anyone want to mess with US-Sanctions? The answer to that is quite simple and not surprising. Its money, shit loads of money. Everyone is paying and, in the end, the weak and poor will pay the bill.

INSTEX has recently completed it’s first business transaction with Iran. The headlines read “humanitarian Aid to COVID-19 struck Iran”, but the truth is quite different. The supply of Dialysis Equipment was completed long before the severe outbreak of Corona infection in Tehran, the deal was struck last summer and the only part missing to conclude the transaction was the money transfer. No doubt that this part is the most sensitive one, as no bank would like to take its chances with US-Sanctions. The price for that is something not to cope with, especially in this bearish economy of early 2020. Whoever paid took up, took quite some convincing and a nice fee to wash down the smell and taste of this fishy deal, the first INSTEX transaction to have been completed. Apparently, no one really believes that the only thing delivered is dialysis equipment, especially as companies like Fresenius produce sensitive equipment needed for many different clandestine projects in Iran.

Now everybody expects Michael Bock, president of INSTEX and former German Ambassador to Egypt, to follow up with new transactions. Supposedly fifty more deals are waiting to be included, this time not even remotely humanitarian, and no Bank will like to release even the frozen Iranian funds. Bock might want to claim that at this time all eyes are on COVID-19, but Europeans are not willing to help as stock markets tumble and supply chains collapse. But Bock shows ingenuity, well, kind of ingenuity. He just tries to use his old connections in Africa, especially in Egypt. Did we say Imperialism? Big Time!

There seems to be no limit to Bock’s greed. How else would one imagine such a grotesque scenario as he did? Bock intends to sell Iranian medical technology to Africa and to supply Iran with western products. Why not barter for it directly as intended in INSTEX you ask? Let’s start with the technology being not “suitable” for western Countries, meaning that Africans will either not know the difference and/ or don’t need sophisticated equipment. Once the next catastrophe in Africa blows up in our faces, not INSTEX but the European tax payer will have to fund European equipment either through revenue or donations, as usual. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the end African money will fund Iranian procurement in Europe and African banks will have to justify their misbehavior, pay the fines and carry the cross for imperialist Europe.

So why would African countries take part? Money, of course. Money will make them forget that Shiite’s are preying on them, making them pay for low grade equipment to fund the high-tech Iran is getting from Europe. Money will make them forget, that people like Dawood Nazirizadeh are promoting deals for Iran with Germany, but keep close connection to IZH and as such with the Islam Brotherhood, unforgivable in Egyptian terms.

Bock is very quick on the trigger, now that he has someone else to pay the fines. No need to lie about it, as he knows that his connection in Egypt will help him close many deals. In the end he can rebuy the Iranian equipment and still make good for is personal checking account. On the other hand, he keeps very quiet when it comes to his connection in Columbia. Who knows what he plans to do to with that, as we know what Columbia supplies to Europe? And they don’t really care about US-Sanctions.

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