The Covid-19 virus outbreak is driving the Iranian regime into a corner. Over 66,000 Iranian citizens tested positive for the virus and over 4,000 died from it so far.

The Iranian regime faces, meanwhile, accusations that it is not doing enough to protect citizens against the disease. The regime is also accused of doing nothing to protect the Iranian economy.

This is why there are expectations that protests will erupt in Iranian streets yet again.


The Committee on Foreign Relations in the National Council of Resistance of Iran referred in a report on April 8 to fears inside decision-making circles in Iran from an expected rise in unemployment.

Together with deteriorating economic conditions, this growing unemployment rate would open the door for protests, the committee said.

It added that the Covid-19 outbreak would have a devastating toll on the Iranian economy in 2020.

This, the committee said, would open the door for suffering for Iranian citizens, especially with the government failing respond appropriately to the crisis.


A report by the Iranian militant organization, People’s Mujahedin of Iran, said, meanwhile, that the government had earmarked financial assistance to poor Iranian citizens.

Nevertheless, the government has not prepared the lists of people who would benefit from the assistance, the organization said.

It added that this shows the confusion reigning in inside government circles.

The organization noted that a large number of the nation’s factories and companies had to lay off their workers.

It expected the Iranian national income to drop down to zero and investments to drop dramatically.

The report cited official statements that about 60 million Iranians are badly in need of urgent aid.

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