Civil activist seeking the truth about her family member sentenced in Iran

Raheleh Rahemipour has been demanding the truth about the fate of her nephew, the daughter of her executed brother. Raheleh has appeared on many occasions holding a poster with a message: “You killed my brother; what did you do with his daughter?”

Raheleh’s brother, Hossein, was arrested along with his pregnant wife in 1984. A year after that, he was executed for being a member of the leftist group “Rah-e Kargar” (Workers’ Way Organization). However, his baby daughter, Golrou, who was born in prison at that time, was taken away from her mother, apparently to undergo medical tests. Although the authorities claim that the baby had died in Evin prison, they failed to release the body to his remaining family.

A plaintiff in the 1980s execution cases, Raheleh, was arrested at her home by agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence on the evening of Sunday, September 10, 2018. The agents also searched her home and seized some of her personal belongings such as her documents, laptop, and two phones.

“This is the first time Raheleh is arrested. She was unofficially invited to the Ministry of Intelligence last year, but she told them to issue a subpoena. After summoning and interrogating her three or four times at the Evin prison, each interrogation lasting several hours, she was put on trial at branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court and, after two court sessions, Judge Salavati sentenced her to one year in prison,” one of Rahele Rahemipour’s relatives told Iran Human Rights (IHR). In the second trial at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, she was charged with “propaganda against the Islamic Republic, participation in protests, sending a complaint to the UN and giving interviews to the diaspora media.” According to IHR sources she was under pressure to retract her complaint to the UN. On Tuesday, April 9, Raheleh was told that her jail sentence was changed to a court fine.

Raheleh told IHR that she won’t pay the fine because seeking the truth should not be punishable.

In response to the inquiry of Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, the Islamic Republic authorities announced: “According to the documents signed by the prison’s doctor and Imam Khomeini hospital, the new-born was a preemie, suffered from neonatal jaundice and vascular coagulation. Despite exchange transfusion, the infant died on April 4, 1984,”

Source » iranhr

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